Tudor Night: Singers, dancers, jugglers, players

Friday, 17 June at 7.30 pm

The City Musick Fieri Consort William Lyons
Steven Player & Mary Collins dancers

A truly luxuriant gathering of an improbably large ensemble of players: a show specially designed for Stour Music by William Lyons to blow away all the annoyance of the last two years. Singers, dancers, shawms, sackbuts, viols, lutes, flutes, bandora, cittern, virginals, bagpipes, hurdy gurdy: who would miss such an extraordinary event?

Hear English music for court, theatre, masque, great hall and private music room by the famous and feted musicians of the Golden Age including William Byrd, Orlando Gibbons, Thomas Morley, John Wilbye, Alfonso Ferrabosco and Anthony Holborne.

Tudor Night

Tickets:£30, £23 (numbered & reserved)£16 (unreserved)

To book tickets visit TicketSource (priority booking for Friends until Friday, 8 April). For telephone booking, call the Box Office on 0333 666 3366. For all general enquiries please call 07971 642154.

Sponsored by The John Swire (1989) Charitable Trust