Musica Secreta

Friday, 24 June at 10 pm

Mother, Sister, Daughter. Sacred music from convents

The soundworld of the all-female ensembles that sang in Renaissance convents is a lost world to most of us - yet it would actually have been more familiar to a passing 16th century listener than much of what we do listen to today. The pioneering group, Musica Secreta, recreates this texture with music honouring the Blessed Virgin Mary and communities of sisters in early modern Europe - and music by Leonora d’Este, Marguerite of Navarre and Joanna Marsh.

Missa BVM - Anon, Ver761
Mater patris et filia - Antoine Brumel
Virgo Maria - Leonora d’Este
Vespere autem sabbati - Leonora d’Este
Mater Christe cooperto - Anon, Ver760
Avés poinct veu la malheureuse - Marguerite of Navarre
Aen mijn Suster Betken - Martha Baerts
Vespers of St Lucy - Anon, Ver759
Vespers of St Clare - Anon, Biffoli-sostegni
The Veiled Sisters - Joanna Marsh

Musica Secreta

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