I Fagiolini – ‘Au Naturel’

Friday, 18 June at 6 pm & 8 pm

These are archived details from 2022 – current details are also available.

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Kenneth Leighton – God’s grandeur (1957)
Josef Rheinberger – Abendlied (1855)
Leo Ferré – Chanson d’automne (1964)


Giaches De Wert – Ascendente Iesu in naviculam (1581)
Francis Poulenc – Un soir de neige (1944)


Claudio Monteverdi – O primavera, gioventù dell’anno (1592)
Claude Le Jeune - Revoici venir du printemps
Herbert Howells – The summer is coming (1965)


Anon – Sumer is icumin in (13th century)
Heinrich Schütz – Die Himmel erzählen (1635)
Clément Janequin – La Chasse (1537)

Pieter Brueghel the Younger’s wonderful four images ‘The Seasons’ are the starting place for this musical journey through the passing of the year. Monteverdi’s ‘Springtime of love’ alongside Howells’ rhapsodic ‘The Summer is coming’; Schütz’s jaunty ‘The Heavens are telling’ and autumn seen through Rheinberger’s little classic ‘Abendlied’ (as well as a French jazz number – ‘Chanson d’automne’). Winter starts with De Wert’s graphic storm scene (‘Ascendente Iesu’) but also Banchieri’s honking cats and dogs for carnival (just before Lent). The whole is topped off with Janequin’s sound effect maelstrom, ‘La Chasse’.

I Fagiolini


Sponsored by Ian & Barbara Burns-Thomson & Fiona Thomson-Tur in memory of Mark Thomson-Tur