Venus & Adonis

Saturday, 23 June at 7.30 pm

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Johann Christoph Pepusch (1667-1752)

Masque first performed at London’s Theatre Royal on 12th March 1715

Pepusch’s successes after his arrival in London around 1700 made him one of the most important composers in England in the period between Purcell and Handel. Venus and Adonis was the longest and most musically-ambitious of the four masques Pepusch composed during his tenure as music director at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane between 1714-16.

Venus Ciara Hendrick
Adonis Philippa Hyde
Mars Richard Edgar-Wilson

Orchestra and Singers of
The Harmonious Society of Tickle-Fiddle Gentlemen

directed by Robert Rawson

Venus & Adonis

Tickets:£24£20 (numbered & reserved)£15 (unreserved)

Sponsored by Paul & Janet Batchelor