Choral Concert

Sunday, 25 June at 3.00 pm

These are archived details from 2017 – current details are also available.

Handel: SAMSON

Kathryn Jenkin soprano
Penelope Martin-Smith soprano
Alexander Chance counter-tenor
Charles Daniels tenor
Jozik Koc baritone
Matthew Brook bass
Stour Festival Choir & Orchestra
Mark Deller Conductor

Based on an adaptation of Milton’s Samson Agonistes, Handel’s epic oratorio Samson, written in 1741, the same year as Messiah, contains some of his finest vocal music. Blind Samson’s ‘Total Eclipse’ and the giant Harapha’s ‘Honour and arms’, are just two of the arias that have become firm favourites over the years; but none more so than the famous soprano aria ‘Let the bright Seraphim’, with its rousing trumpet obligato, and final triumphant chorus: ‘Let their celestial concerts all unite, ever to sound his praise in endless morn of light.’

Festival Choir and Orchestra

Tickets:£27£22 (numbered & reserved)£16 (unreserved)

Sponsored by James Bowman & Terry Winwood