The Gonzaga Band

Saturday, 25 June at 10.00 pm

These are archived details from 2016 – current details are also available.

Faye Newton soprano
Jamie Savan cornetto
Helen Roberts cornetto
Steven Devine harpsichord/organ

Venice: 1629

Music by Grandi, Schütz & Monteverdi

1629 was a remarkable year for the publication of new music in Venice. Foremost among the musical offerings that year was the first book of Symphoniae Sacrae by Heinrich Schütz, who had come to Venice to learn of the latest developments in modern music from Claudio Monteverdi. But it was perhaps the music of Alessandro Grandi, Monteverdi's erstwhile deputy, that was to have the most profound influence on Schütz. His third and final book of concertato motets for solo voice and obligato instruments was also published in 1629.

The Molo, Venice

Tickets:£12 (numbered & reserved)£10 (unreserved)

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