Stile Antico: ‘Sacred or Profane’

Friday, 17 June at 7.30 pm

These are archived details from 2016 – current details are also available.

works by Dufay, Janequin, Victoria, Josquin, Morales, Monteverdi, Gombert, Lassus

They say the Devil has all the best tunes, and it’s hard to disagree on hearing this enthralling programme. Stile Antico traces the blurred boundary between sacred and secular music in the Renaissance, encountering risqué racy chansons transformed by Lassus, Morales and Victoria into Masses and Magnificats, and ribald folksongs worked into prayerful polyphony by Dufay and Taverner.

“Stile Antico is one of those rare ensembles who have the musical alchemy to turn all that they do into gold, and their sound, for me, is one of the loveliest things in music.” — Bob Chilcott

Stile Antico

Tickets:£20£16 (numbered & reserved)£12 (unreserved)

Sponsored by James & Jenny Bird