The Victoria Consort

Saturday, 20 June at 10.00 pm

These are archived details from 2015 – current details are also available.

Project Palestrina

Bringing forgotten masterpieces back to life after nearly 500 years

You would imagine that when it comes to the great composers, we know all there is to know; every detail of their lives and music has been examined. However in the case of Giovanni Pierluigi ‘da Palestrina’, one of the composing giants of 16th-century Italy, it appears this is not the case. Musicologist and co-founder of The Victoria Consort, Thomas Neal, has brought to light hitherto unpublished music which will be performed for the first time in tonight’s concert.

Tickets:£12 (numbered & reserved)£10 (unreserved)

Sponsored by The Hon. Mrs Jenefer Dean