The City Musick

Friday, 19 June at 10.00 pm

These are archived details from 2015 – current details are also available.

Richard Thomas cornett, trumpet, recorder
Gawain Glenton cornett, recorder
William Lyons shawm, curtal, recorder
Sarah Humphrys shawm, curtal, recorder
Tom Lees sackbut
George Bartle voice, sackbut

Silver Sounds and Moody Food

Music in Shakespeare’s London

This concert is an attempt to give an idea of the diversity of musical life in London in the early 1600s where music functioned in all its varieties: church, court, playhouse, dance hall, street and alehouse. Songs and instrumental music by London-based composers and musicians are interspersed with anonymous ballad tunes and country dances.

Tickets:£12 (numbered & reserved)£10 (unreserved)

Sponsored by an anonymous Stour Friend