Societas Incognitorum

Friday, 20 June at 7.30 pm

These are archived details from 2014 – current details are also available.

Early Music ensemble from the Czech Republic,
making its first appearance in the UK

Yvetta Fendrichová soprano
Kateřina Šujanová soprano
Ondžej Múčka alto
Eduard Tomaštik tenor/director
Martin Šujan bass
Barbara Maria Willi harpsichord

Musica noster amor: Music our love

Jacob Handl (Gallus) (1550-1591): Madrigals from his Harmonie morales

Handl, a Slovenian composer resident in Austria and Bohemia, was one of the most skilful contrapuntists of his time and a notable composer of polychoral works. He may originally have been called Petelin (‘rooster’) in Slovenia, of which Handl is the German diminutive, and ‘Gallus‘ the Latin equivalent.

Societas Incognitorum


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