The Cardinall’s Musick

Friday, 17 June at 7.30 pm

These are archived details from 2011 – current details are also available.

Winner of the Gramophone Recording of the Year 2010

Andrew Carwood director

Il Siglo d’Oro

Music in honour of the Virgin Mary from 16th-century Spain

Il Siglo d’Oro – the Golden Age – was the name that Spaniards gave to their great flowering of music in the 16th century. Spain produced some of the finest writers of the age, and the Virgin Mary was a popular subject with all of them. Francisco Guerrero was known as ‘el cantor de Maria’, and this fascinating programme sets him alongside his contemporaries and colleagues Morales, Esquivel, Vivanco, Alonso Lobo and the brightest star of all, Tomás Luis de Victoria.

The Cardinall's Musick


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