Trio Mediaeval (Norway)

Friday, 19 June at 7.30 pm

These are archived details from 2009 – current details are also available.

Anna Maria Friman
Linn Andrea Fuglseth
Torunn Østrem Ossum

This remarkable trio of sopranos from Norway, who made their Stour debut in 2001, have gained a worldwide reputation for their impeccable intonation, purity of sound and the originality of their programme material.


A Worcester Ladymass

When the Normans arrived in Britain, some time before 1066, they found little uniformity in the organisation of any of the cathedrals; some were served by monks who lived under the rule of St Benedict, some by monks who lived under different rules. The Normans – used to organising cathedral life through a Chapter made up of priests who lived in the real world (rather than by ‘cloistered’ monks) – set about reorganising church government. However, some slipped the net, one group of these being the ancient foundation of Worcester, where life for some 50 monks continued under Benedictine rule. The music in tonight’s programme is drawn from the unusual number of single leaves and fragments which, at Worcester, survived Henry VIII’s systematic destruction in the 1530s.

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Sponsored by The Sir John Swire 1989 Charitable Trust