Alexander’s Feast – Handel

Sunday, 1 July at 3.00 pm

These are archived details from 2007 – current details are also available.

Faye Newtonsoprano
Charles Danielstenor
Benjamin Bevanbaritone

Stour Festival Choir and Orchestra

Conductor: Mark Deller

The English poet John Dryden wrote Alexander’s Feast in 1697 as an Ode in honour of St. Cecilia, and Handel’s setting of the text was first performed at Covent Garden Theatre in 1736. Dryden depicts a feast to celebrate the victories of Alexander the Great over the Persian armies, but the hero of the poem is not so much the warrior, Alexander, as his musician, Timotheus. It is his prowess on the lyre and flute, and the comparison with the ‘divine Cecilia’ herself, which is at the heart of the story, and which accounts for the alternative title, The Power of Musick, given by Dryden to the poem.

Tickets:£20£15£10 (unreserved)

This concert has been sponsored by Rene Batchelor and supported with the help of a generous legacy from the estate of the late Mrs Doreen Strutt, who was for many years a keen member of the Festival Choir.