Stour Music is grateful to the Vicar & PCC of All Saints’ Boughton Aluph for allowing the festival to be held in the church; Mr & Mrs Hugh Summerfield and Mr Bay Green for use of their land to accommodate the festival marquee and car parking; Mrs Valerie Cozens for the floral displays in the church; The Stour Festival Company and the Friends of Stour Music for their continued support of the Festival.

In particular this year we wish to thank the following for generous support in sponsoring specific concerts: Paul & Janet Batchelor, Peter & Mary Berg, James & Jenny Bird, James Bowman & Terry Winwood, Pete Cleveland, Martin & Caroline Goodier, Gilbert Holbourn, the late Alan Roberts, Colin Rutter, Tony Shoults, The Sir John Swire (1989) Charitable Trust, Michael & Dorothea Weller. Additional support from Cllr Clair Bell, KCC; Cllr Noel Ovenden, ABC.

All information on this site was correct at time of preparation, but Stour Music reserves the right to make changes without prior notice, where unforeseen circumstances dictate.

With thanks (for 2019 material) to Kate Beaugié, Marco Borggreve (Mark Padmore), Country Life, Kaupo Kikkas (Siglo de Oro), Peer Lindgreen (Trevor Pinnock), Theresa Pewal (Brecon Baroque, Rachel Podger). Bridgeman Images: Milan Cathedral from ‘Views of Milan and its Environs’, Italian School, 19th century),The Stapleton Collection; Wheat Field, John Constable, Private Collection, photo Agnew’s; Orpheus with a Harp Playing to Pluto and Persephone in the Underworld, Brueghel, Jan the Elder, Johnny van Haeften Gallery, London; ‘Vivaldi’s church’, photo Graham Salter. Line drawings by John Ward.

With thanks (for 2018 material) to Venetia Van Hoorn Alkema (Christopher Bucknall), Kate Beaugié, Marco Borggreve (The King’s Singers), Richard Haughton (The English Concert), Eric Richmond (Chelys Consort), Andreea Tufescu (Tabea Debus), Sophie Ziegler (Concentus VII). Bridgeman Images: Venus & Adonis, Titian, 1553, Prado, Madrid; The Outdoor Concert, Musée de l’Hotel Lallemant, Bourges; Lion of St Mark, Museo Correr, Venice; Arcadian Shepherds, Poussin, Louvre, Paris. National Portrait Gallery, London, Henry Purcell. Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art: The Contest between Apollo and Marsyas, c. 1545, Jacopo Tintoretto. Line drawings by John Ward.

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With thanks (for 2015 material) to Kate Beaugié for photographs taken at Stour Music, Ricardo Alcaide (La Serenissima), Patrick Baldwin (The Society of Strange & Ancient Instruments), John Buckman (Steven Devine), Alice Carfrae (The City Musick), Joźsef Wágner Csapó (Vox Luminis), Patrick Harrison (Academy of Ancient Music), Nigel Luckhurst (Michael Chance), Chris O’Donovan (Tenebrae). The Basin of San Marco on Ascension Day, Canaletto, National Gallery, London/Bridgeman images; Musical angels, Botticini, Museo della Collegiata di Sant’ Andrea, Italy/Bridgeman Images.

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With thanks (for 2013 material) to Kate Beaugié for photographs, many of which were taken at Stour Music’s 50th anniversary festival in 2012. Additional photos by Helena Dornellas (Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments), operamania (James Gilchrist), Jim Poyner (Ensemble Meridiana), Eric Richmond (Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment), Denis Rouvre (William Christie). George Frederick Handel / Civico Museo Bibliografico Musicale, Bologna / The Bridgeman Art Library; Mary, Queen of Heaven, Master of the Legend of St. Lucy / Kress Collection, Washington D.C / The Bridgeman Art Library; The Five Senses - Hearing, Bosse, Abraham / Musee des Beaux-Arts, Tours / Giraudon / The Bridgeman Art Library; The Battle of San Romano in 1432, Uccello, Paolo / Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence / Alinari / The Bridgeman Art Library. Line drawings by John Ward.

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With thanks (for 2008 material) to Ricardo Alcaide (La Serenissima), Marco Borggreve (Mark Padmore), Lewis Brockway, Helmut Engelke (Simon Standage), Mark Harrison (The Sixteen), Richard Haughton (Elizabeth Kenny), Christine Hodgson & Zohar (Eclipse), Kent Messenger, and Pete Thomas for use of photographs. Elizabeth I, Armada portrait, Private Collection/The Bridgeman Art Library; Fishermen upon a lee-shore in squally weather by JMW Turner, Southampton City Art Gallery/The Bridgeman Art Library; Maids and Winged Hearts, by The Master of Lyons, British Library/The Bridgeman Art Library; The Battle of Trafalgar, Private Collection/The Stapleton Collection/The Bridgeman Art Library.

With thanks (for 2007 material) to Lewis Brockway, Pete Thomas, Richard Beaugié, Malcolm Crowthers, Oylin Ozmete, Eric Richmond, Hanya Chala, Paul White and Kentish Express (Dave Downey) for the use of photographs. Also for kind permission to use artwork: Fabian Negrim/Bloomsbury The Selfish Giant and Robert Lawson/Hamish Hamilton Ferdinand.